Colorado Springs Smoke Damage

American Water Damage Truck in front of houseAmerican Water Damage Is Here To Help!

With the recent fires in Colorado Springs, many homes have experienced extensive smoke damage. With all the related health problems involved from this smoke, it is important to reduce exposure, especially for vulnerable groups, as soon as possible. Of particular concern are facilities ranging from the nursing homes to hotels to businesses, where people are indoors for extended times with no place to escape. If you have been affected, there is a solution!

Hydroxyl Generators take care of even the toughest of bacteria, odor, and volatile chemicals associated with smoke with 100% green technology. That means no chemicals or foggers, and can be used immediately while people are still occupying the space.

If you need help RIGHT NOW, please click this link to watch a video about what to do, and to contact us. We will contact you within ONE HOUR during business hours.

American Water Damage has started acquiring these generators to use in the Colorado area and plan on making them available to other cleaning and restoration contractors to work together to make your home safe again.

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