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Water Damage, Flood and Environmental Restoration Services from American Water Damage

American Water Damage offers many restoration services.  Mold Testing, Mold Remediation, Water Damage Restoration, Sewage Remediation, Fire and Smoke Restoration.  Our technicians are well qualified and certified by the IICRC.  Our certifications include:  Fire and Smoke Restoration, Applied Microbial Remediation, Applied Structural Drying, Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediator, EPA Certified Asbestos Inspector, Carpet Cleaning, Water Damage Restoration, Building Analyst Professional and Lead Paint Certified.


Service Area:  We cover the Front Range of Colorado along with Summit County.  We have two locations, one is located in Colorado Springs that covers Southern Colorado and our second location is in Boulder which covers the Denver Metro area.  Our goal is to be at your home or business with in 60 minutes of dispatching your Rescue Team.
The first question that most all of our customers ask is
Can this damage be reversed?
Our answer is absolutely!  Many items that look badly damaged may be able to be completely restored.  Unfortunately, some items may be beyond restoration.  However, in most cases, the damage can be avoided if the restorative drying process is begun without delay.
We can begin to reverse the effects of water damage by controlling where the water will "wick".  Wet will go to dry if it can, even if it is climbing up a wall.  When high velocity commercial air movers are placed at the base of a wall that is wet, it can begin to reverse the wicking.  Meaning , as the air mover begins to dry the area directly in front of it, the near by moisture begins to wick towards the new dry area due to gravity it is easier for the water to move down instead of up.  The moisture will always take the path of least resistance.  Remember wet will go to dry if it can.  Ounce the area is restored to its original moisture content, thereby preserving the structural integrity of the building material, the air mover is then moved to the wet area or trouble spot as needed.  
Pheonix Lo-Grain dehumidifiers  are also placed in the affected area.  These dehumidifiers remove the wet cold air and replace it with hot dry air.  The hot dry air is then circulated to the air movers, which speeds up the drying process.  Lo-Grain simply means the unit puts out a much lower specific humidity or Grains of Moisture per pound of air then regular dehumidifiers.  Phoenix has the low grain depression out of all the refrigerant dehumidifiers.  Our commitment to using the state of the art equipment in the restoration industry means we will dry your home or business faster getting you back to work saving revenue or get your home back in order as fast as possible.  All of this helps us dry the structure faster to inhibit the ability for Mold to grow.  With the Phoenix and a system called the Injecti-dry we can also dry structures such as hardwood floors, sill plates, sub-floors, and etc.  That can not be dried with the conventional drying equipment.
On average, we can dry the structure and contents of a saturated home or business in three to four days.  82% of the clean water damaged homes/business we dry, will need no repair at all, or only need minor repairs such as some paint and/or carpet cleaning.  if additional repair is needed, American water Damage has qualified personnel to get the job done right for your minor repairs. 
Water Damage Restoration
Maryann P.

September 18, 2013

5/5 stars

They were prompt, courteous and professional. Overall, we were very satisfied with the service and I would recommend the company for anyone's water damage needs.

Matt Colligan of Colorado Springs, CO, and David Lopez of Dallas Fort Worth, TX founded American Water Damage in 2011. The company’s mission is to provide a consistently remarkable customer experience while becoming the leader in the emergency service and restoration industry. Each American Water Damage technician is certified and experienced in all requisite fields.Both founders bring years of experience in the home improvement industry with a strong emphasis on exceptional customer service, adapted for the restoration industry using stringent internal systems and processes. These are backed externally by Guild Quality third party surveys and the effective performance metrics adopting measuring analytics of Net Promoter Score (NPS).
Author: Matt Colligan
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