Customer Service Philosophy

After spending years working on a customer service model that would provide a consistent experience for customers in the home improvement industry, we have developed a strong approach to our customer experience.


We have recognized that customer service is an over-used terminology that is not regularly executed well.  Coming from the home improvement industry where customer service is not synonymous with good customer service, the development of our strategies for the restoration industry was of utmost importance.  Here’s how we look at the customer experience:


  1. Internal systems and processes (which drive experience)
    1. Every customer experience starts with a company’s internal processes.  From the beginning, American Water damage is using Lean Six Sigma process development.   By using Lean Six Sigma, we establish strategy, tactics, and culture, eliminate waste and create flow, improve effectiveness and efficiency, and make processes repeatable and reproducible.


  1. Initial contact with customer (phone and online contact experience)
    1. We have developed a unique customer experience with our online presence.  This led us to the “American Water Damage Emergency Dashboard,” where we present you with relevant information in your emergency situation.  (link to emergency dashboard)
    2. The phone is typically the second contact that you would have with American Water Damage.  Our representatives are all certified water restoration technicians.  The education of each of these team members is vitally important in the experience of the customer.  We believe that having a knowledgeable person answering the phone to answer any question is truly important to the overall customer experience.


  1. Face to face contact with customer (development of onsite experience)
    1. Our Technicians have spent hours learning our internal customer experience procedures.  They must be certified in our customer experience program before they are released into the field.  All of our Lead technicians have the minimum of WRT/ASD and CCT certifications.


  1. Partner experience

We have developed a series of benefits for our partners.

  1. Guild Quality for Third Party Surveying
    1. This keeps us honest and helps us track our progress on a real time basis.  All of our partners have access to this information at their fingertips for their specific clients or referrals.
    2. We use a systematic points based system, which rewards our partners for their loyalty.
    3. We look to build business partners and offer multiple ways to help grow your business by being associated with American Water Damage.


  1. Situation Resolution
    1. We understand that things happen and we don’t claim to be perfect.  This is why it is important to deal with a company that has systems and procedures put in place for when a situation arises.  Any company that says they are the best and nothing ever goes wrong should be considered a red flag.  This tells us that they have not given consideration to how they should deal with situations when they arise.  It is not a matter of if you ever have a situation, rather it is a matter of when.  By going through the BBB Excellence in customer service award program three times, we were able to develop and put processes in place to systematically handle situations so that we can resolve them quickly and effectively.  We recognize that the speed at which you respond and resolve the situation greatly determines the level of satisfaction that a client has with your company.


  1. Measurement
    1. Any company that has systems and processes needs to measure the effectiveness of those processes.  We have adopted the measuring analytics of NPS (Net Promoter Score).  By using a third party survey company, we are able to measure the impact of our customer experience on a real time basis.  We base our success on one incredibly important question among others:  “How likely is it that you would recommend American Water Damage to a friend or family member?”  This single question tells us how we performed.


  1. Constant Improvement
    1. By measuring the customer experience, we are now able to effectively show ourselves and our partners how we are doing.  We now have a bench mark to show individual employees how they are performing in the eyes of the customer, and we can also look at this as a whole company.  Now we have the ability to work on constant improvement, as the experience is being measured.