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Hydroxyl Generators take care of even the toughest of bacteria, odor, and volatile chemicals associated with smoke with 100% green technology. That means no chemicals or foggers, and can be used immediately while people are still occupying the space.

Having a house fire is a terrible event. Even after the fire has been extinguished, the residual effects of high humidity, smoke and ash continue to cause damage to personal belongings and property and can create health risks. The faster cleaning and restoration begins, the easier it is to minimize damage and reduce restoration costs.

Although the fire and smoke damage because it is obvious during and immediately after a fire, chemical reactions continue for days and weeks. During a fire, smoke is pushed through a building leaving waste deposits on walls, floors, ceilings and any other objects in its path. Extinguishing the fire creates high humidity, the open pores of the wood and other porous substances that absorb odor and water.

After the fire, corrosive and acidic products generated by high temperatures and fire continue to affect structural materials, electrical equipment, appliances and other items. Within hours, grout, roofing, appliances and furniture finishes can stain, yellow or tarnish. Over time, the acid moieties of soot and ash interact with other materials that cause fading, corrosion, pitting staining, and emissions of volatile airborne particles and gases.

Immediate treatment started in the first twenty-four hours by a professional restoration can mean the difference between permanent damage and the restoration of recoverable assets and property to its condition prior to the fire. A professional will assess the extent of damage, recommend treatment and identify objects that can’t be treated and should be eliminated.

American Water Damage has an IICRC certified master fire and smoke restorer on staff Ryan Rivera to get your home back to normal.

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